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Jody's long-awaited chanting CD, with her band, ONE LOVE Devotional Chant, is now available!

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Bare Bones (2003)

1. Bare Bones
2. Shade of Grey
3. Fly With the Wind
4. Angel in Blue
5. Big Boxes
6. The Moosewood Cafe
7. Lifetime Guarantee
8. These Things I Can't Explain
9. Many Hands
10. Who Woulda Thunk It?
11. Peace Pilgrim

12. Just As It Is


No Solid Ground (2000)

1. How Did We Fall?
2. No Solid Ground
3. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
4. The Golden Ring
5. The Ballad of Chris and Pat
6. The Way Things Are
7. Hocus Pocus
8. Water Over Rock
9. Pieces
10. Speed Racer
11. The Secret



Leap Of Faith (1998)

1. Stone By Stone
2. Dominoes
3. As Long As We Believed
4. Homesick
5. For Karen
6. My Darling, My Only
7. Walk Without Fear
8. A Path To The Divine
9. One Lifetime
10. Wildflowers


Another Day of Loving (1996)

1. No Separation
2. 'Til I Get to Your Heart
3. Another Day of Loving
4. Moment to Moment
5. We are Here, This is Now
6. Wild Woman
7. Jenny
8. Superwoman
9. U.R.
10. Goodnight Sweet Friend

There Would Be Peace

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Available as an electronic download in MP3 format, for your computer or iPod, or order a cd! The CD makes a perfect stocking stuffer, or can be mailed in a card. The hard-copy version is only $1.50. There is a $3 shipping charge, but that is for as many copies as you wish to order. So, you can order ten copies for $15 and only pay $3 shipping. (Please order by December 12th to ensure timely delivery.)

OR: order any two or more of the previously-released full-length CDs (by December 12th), and you will automatically receive a FREE bonus copy of There Would Be Peace!


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