In addition to being a talented songwriter and performer, Jody Kessler is an ordained Interfaith Minister. She received her training at The New Seminary in New York City and is a staff member of the Interfaith Temple in Manhattan. Her ministry weaves together her gifts as a spiritual leader, motivational speaker, teacher, and troubadour.

What is Interfaith?

Interfaith is a spiritual ideology that respects all faiths and honors all paths. It is not a religion per se, but rather an approach to spirituality that celebrates both the diversity and the common ground among all religions. The Interfaith perspective aims to extract the jewels of wisdom and truth that shine at the heart of each faith and recognizes that there are many ways to experience connection with the Divine.

In this modern age and culture, in which so many paths and practices are freely available to us, Interfaith Ministry speaks especially to people who are spiritually eclectic and choose not to put themselves in one religious "box." The Interfaith approach allows families and communities of mixed faiths and backgrounds to celebrate holidays and significant life transitions together. Interfaith Ministry also serves those who consider themselves to be spiritual but non-religious, and meaningful ceremonies can be created that have no references to any particular doctrine.

In addition, Interfaith Ministry values all beings, blending a focus on the Divine with the very down-to-earth concerns of peace, social justice, and the environment.

From East to West, from Monotheism to Pantheism, and from ancient to contemporary, Interfaith Ministry recognizes and celebrates all the beautiful faiths and practices that grace the human spiritual garden.

Jody's Music Ministry

Jody has written many songs that speak to connection with Spirit, mindful living, compassion, recovery, and personal growth. Through her music, she also shares inspiring and uplifting stories about remarkable people and events. Because her own spiritual practice is eclectic and draws upon many different traditions, her songs are non-denominational. Rather than espousing one particular faith, her songs aim to touch the place in each of us that transcends religious affiliation and connects us through our Common Heart.

Jody frequently performs as a guest soloist for congregations of various denominations, for Sunday services and special concert events. In addition, she has had the honor of being a guest minister in many churches. Her presentation weaves together both participatory and reflective songs, inspirational speaking, storytelling for children, simple ceremony, and guided meditation as she takes the congregation on an unforgettable journey that opens the heart and lifts the spirit. Service themes include:

Ten Thousand Joys and Ten Thousand Sorrows: Opening to Life with Equanimity and Acceptance
Honoring our Divinity, Celebrating our Humanity
The Only Constant is Change
Thank You For Everything: Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude
Interbeing: We Are All Connected

Jody works in conjunction with the worship committee or pastor to come up with a presentation that meets the needs of the congregation. Please see below for a list of churches and spiritual centers where Jody has shared her music and message.

Interfaith Devotional Chanting

Jody is the leader of ONE LOVE Devotional Chant, a group of inspiring musicians that describe thir work as "a musical celebration of global prayer." ONE LOVE weaves together ancient and contemporary prayer songs and chants from a rainbow of spiritual traditions and practices, including Hindu Kirtan, Sufi Zikr, earth-based religions, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and more. They perform at churches and other spiritual communities, yoga centers, and retreat centers. To learn more and listen to audio clips, visit .

Other Interfaith Services

Jody is available to officiate at weddings and commitment ceremonies, same-sex unions, baby blessings, memorial services, seasonal rituals and other celebrations. These ceremonies can take place in your home, at your place of worship, or in a natural setting. Your ritual can be customized to reflect your own traditions and beliefs. Jody will put her creativity, knowledge and energy to work to design a personalized ritual that expresses who you are and how you choose to honor Spirit.

Jody is also available for one-on-one spiritual counseling sessions. Her counseling approach aims to help the client deepen his/her connection with Spirit and have easier access to inner wisdom, guidance, and peace.


Jody is also a skilled facilitator of workshops for all ages. As a former schoolteacher with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, she finds teaching to be a natural and joyful expression of her many gifts. Her workshop topics range from music to spirituality, and usually combine both. Workshop themes include:

Opening to Spirit Though Song (for adults) click for more info
Creative music making (for children of all ages)
Celebrating our Lives Through Songwriting (all ages)
Cultivating Inner Beauty: A Workshop for Women in their Prime

"Let me say that as Program Chair I get a lot of feedback about programs, and I have NEVER received so much positive feedback about any program as I did about yours. It was truly special, and appreciated across the broad spectrum of our congregation."

– Pat Lammana, Program Chair, UU Fellowship of Poughkeepsie, NY

"Soulful, emotionally-penetrating, and wondrously beautiful music.."
– Scott Kalechstein, songwriter, minister, and inspirational speaker

"Jody Kessler's music is truly delightful. Her songs are thoughtful and rich in meaning, her voice touches your heart and her guitar playing is masterful."
– Ben Tousley, M.Div., minister, and award-winning folksinger

"Thank you for sharing your light and love with our congregation... Your music has a universal message for us all."
– Mary Lou Wilson, Worship Committee Chair,
Unity Church of Lehigh Valley, PA

Click here for a list of churches and other spiritually focused venues where Jody has appeared

For more information about services, ceremonies, counseling, or workshops, please contact Jody at

Click here to listen to tracks from each of Jody's albums

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