An Experiential Celebration of Music, Prayer, & Creativity
A workshop led by Rev. Jody Kessler, singer/songwriter & Interfaith Minister

The act of singing is a form of prayer on many levels. Song is:

· an expression of gratitude and a celebration of our aliveness
· a tool for opening to the Divine
· an invitation to surrender, let go, and ask for guidance
· a way to honor our authentic selves through creativity

In this workshop, we will explore from an Interfaith perspective the many ways that song can deepen our connection with Spirit, and how the act of singing can help us become a conduit for Divine Love. Whether they be chants, hymns, popular or folk songs, or our own compositions, songs are powerful tools that we can use to infuse our lives with a spiritual focus. Drawing inspiration from many traditions and from whatever music moves us, we will create our own personal prayer songs that can be used for transformation and spiritual growth. Simple ritual and guided meditation will also be used to help us drop into a space where we can be receptive to inner guidance and creative inspiration.

This workshop is non-denominational in focus. Recognizing that there are many ways of envisioning and connecting with a Higher Power, participants are encouraged to find their own path to deeper union with Spirit. Through sound, silence, and sharing from the heart, we will draw from the wellspring of love, wisdom, and peace that dwells within each of us.

No previous musical or vocal experience is necessary. Just bring your voice and an open heart.

Note: Those participants who play instruments are welcome to bring them. In addition, a portable tape recorder is useful but not required.

Jody Kessler is a performing songwriter, recording artist, educator, and ordained Interfaith Minister. She has released four CDs, three of which have won awards for her outstanding songwriting and musicianship. She holds a Masters Degree in Education and has taught in schools, spiritual centers, and recreational programs for over 25 years. She weaves together her gifts as a spiritual leader, motivational speaker, teacher, and troubadour into a unique ministry of song and spirit.

This workshop can be offered as a day-long retreat or as a half-day, evening or weekend workshop. The basic format can be modified to fit the needs of your program schedule.

Click here to listen to tracks from each of Jody's albums

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