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What is Interfaith Ministry?


Interfaith is a spiritual ideology that respects all faiths and honors all paths. It is not a religion per se, but rather an approach to spirituality that celebrates both the diversity and the common ground among all religions.


The Interfaith perspective aims to extract the jewels of wisdom and truth that shine at the heart of each faith, drawing inspiration from the teachings of the world's great masters, philosophers, saints  and mystics.  


Interfaith is a GLOBAL ECUMENISM that promotes understanding and respect across the wide and beautiful spectrum of religious thought and practice.


Interfaith philosophy recognizes that there are many ways to experience connection with the Divine. In this modern age and culture, in which so many paths and practices are freely available to us, Interfaith Ministry speaks especially to people who are spiritually eclectic and choose not to put themselves in one religious "box."


The Interfaith approach allows families and communities of mixed faiths and backgrounds to celebrate holidays and significant life transitions together.


Interfaith Ministry also serves those who consider themselves to be spiritual but non-religious, and meaningful ceremonies can be created that have no references to any particular doctrine.


In addition, Interfaith Ministry values all beings, blending a focus on the Divine with the very down-to-earth concerns of peace, social justice, and the environment. From East to West, from Monotheism to Pantheism, and from ancient to contemporary, Interfaith Ministry recognizes and celebrates all the beautiful faiths and practices that grace the human spiritual garden. 

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