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"She'll pull you in with melody and grace to a sacred place forgotten... A great guitarist, with spiritually reflective lyrics that sing true." -Annie Burns of The Burns Sisters, Philo Records recording artist
"Jody's music opens the heart we share."
-Stephen and Ondrea Levine, bestselling authors and spritual teachers
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"Jody combines wonderful singing, deft guitar playing, and solid writing into a most user-friendly and engaging presence."-David Roth, singer/songwriter
"Ithaca singer-songwriter Jody Kessler's sound is an engaging blend of folk and pop, acoustic and electric. She's a fine guitarist, and excellent singer with a warm, clear voice that's at once precise and soulful, and a standout writer with a true gift for melody and a way with a tale." 
- Richard Middleton, Sing Out! Magazine
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"Soulful, emotionally-penetrating, and wondrously beautiful music.."
Scott Kalechstein, songwriter,
minister, and inspirational speaker
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"Kessler's songs deal with profound issues that affect every person, giving her an infallible appeal and strong personality."

-Centre Daily Times, State College, PA
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As a solo artist, Kessler gives an energetic and heartfelt performance. A gifted guitarist, she has a versatile style with a long reach-from gutsy folk-funk to intricate fingerpicking."

-Arts & Leisure, Ithaca Journal, Ithaca, NY

"Let me say that as Program Chair I get a lot of feedback about programs, and I have NEVER received so much positive feedback about any program as I did about yours. It was truly special, and appreciated across the broad spectrum of our congregation." 
Pat Lammana, Program Chair, UU Fellowship of Poughkeepsie, NY
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"Thank you for sharing your light and love with our congregation... Your music has a universal message for us all." 
– Mary Lou Wilson, Worship Committee Chair, 
Unity Church of Lehigh Valley, PA
"I was so moved and inspired by her performance and profound songwriting... I wholeheartedly recommend that you take advantage of any opportunity to experience this rare talent. You will be so glad you did."
-Mark Tucker, Healing Heart Productions
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"Whether it be a large concert hall, an intimate coffeehouse, or a festival stage, Jody has the ability to capture the hearts of her listeners. Knowing that music has the power to heal, inspire, enlighten, empower, and create community, Jody reaches down into our deepest places with her instrument and voice. Some songs may evoke tears, others lift the spirit, while others may inspire you to get up and dance to her acoustic guitar. The result is pure joy."

-Kaleidoscope Arts Magazine, Vestal, NY
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