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Temple of Joy

Yoga Sanctuary

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305 Taylor Place

Ithaca, NY 14850

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 Our light-filled sanctuary provides a beautiful and intimate setting for classes and other group gatherings.

The Temple of Joy is a beautiful home studio space located on West Hill in Ithaca, NY.

We, Jyoti and Nataraj, welcome you into our home to share the practice of yoga, meditation, sacred chant, ecstatic dance, and spiritually diverse celebrations of life and creativity.

In addition to our stunning sanctuary/gathering room, we have 3 acres of woods with a gorge running through it, and a lovely deck overlooking the waterfall.There is also a meditation garden with a mala walk (a path with 108 steps) for contemplation of a chosen mantra, affirmation, or prayer.

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All are welcome to walk our 108- step mala path for mantra practice or contemplation.

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Our indoor fountain and rock garden creates a peaceful energy in the space.

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Prayer flags adorn our home and garden, blessing all visitors.

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