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Worship Services

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I have been a guest minister at churches

and religious fellowships throughout the US, offering my unique blend of music,  message/sermon, guided meditation, stories, congregational singing, and participatory ritual, woven together around an inspiring and relevant theme.

For a list of spiritual communities I've had the pleasure to serve, CLICK HERE.

Wedding Ceremonies

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I believe that every relationship is a unique expression of love in the world, and therefore, your wedding ceremony should reflect that.  I work closely with each couple to design a personalized ceremony that honors their values, spirituality, family traditions, and lifestyle. I will support and guide you  in writing  your own vows, and in choosing readings, music, and other elements that will make your special day unforgettable.

Baby Blessings

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I love to welcome new beings into the world! I specialize in working with interfaith families, co-creating a customized blessing ceremony that honors the spiritual and cultural heritage of both of the parents. I also work with families who are unaffiliated with any formal religious tradition.  

Singing, prayers, and ritual elements are woven together in a beautifully-crafted ceremony that will be a lifelong memory for your family.

Life cycle ceremonies

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Change is a part of life, and every milestone,

threshold, and passage brings an opportunity

to honor the sacred. This can include:

  • a coming of age ceremony for a teen

  • first menses for a girl entering womanhood

  • menopause ceremony for a woman entering her "wisdom years"

  • special birthdays or anniversaries

  • adoption ceremony


Whether you choose to incorporate ritual elements from a particular tradition or prefer to create your own, I will work with you to design a personalized ceremony that reflects the depth and power of the occasion.


Memorial Services

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Memorialize your loved one in a way that you know he or she would want to be remembered, in a celebration of his/her life that honors his/her beliefs, spirituality, and the love he/she brought to the world.

Or, think ahead and plan your own, making your wishes known to your family in advance. I will lovingly guide you though this process. 

Sacred Events/Rituals

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Ceremony and ritual helps us to celebrate the significant moments and transitions of our lives with a sense of depth and intention. These ceremonies can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.

  • name change

  • transgender re-identification ceremony

  • blessing for a new business or endeavor

  • new home blessing

  • energy clearing & dedication for a new home or work space

  • seasonal celebrations and festivals honoring  the turning of the wheel of the year 

  • whatever you dream or imagine!


Spiritual Counseling

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We are here to discover our own unique purpose, to love ourselves and others more deeply, live a life of authenticity and joy. I am available for one-on-one sessions, to support you in deepening your connection with Spirit/Higher Power, and to guide you in accessing that Source of wisdom, strength and inspiration within. Whether you are facing a life transition, struggling with grief & loss, challenged by addiction, or simply seeking a more empowered life, I am here to support you in your journey.

Retreats & Workshops

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I facilitate workshops and retreats for church groups and spiritual communities of many faiths, yoga centers, and more. 

Workshop and retreat themes include:

  • Living Deeply: Celebrating the sacred in everyday life

  • Beyond the Mat: The Yoga of Being Fully Alive

  • Opening to Spirit through Song

  • From Root to Crown: An experiential Journey through the 7 Chakras

  • Keeping the Channel Open: The Yoga of Creative Expression

  • Goddess is Alive: Celebrating the Sacred Feminine--A Women's Transformational Retreat  

Devotional Chanting

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Throughout the ages and across cultures, prayer through song and simple body movement has been a powerful vehicle for connecting with the Divine.  I am a founding member of the musical group ONE LOVE, offering global ecstatic chant-- a unique blend of kirtan (high-energy call-and-response chanting from the Hindu/Yoga tradition) and devotional chants from across the spectrum of spiritual traditions and cultures--an engaging and uplifting musical celebration of global prayer!

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