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Inspiration and Expiration

Quintessential summer morning. Warm, light swirling breeze, lush woods teeming with life & the buzzing of August. I want to drink this all in, savor it. All is fleeting.

I loved sitting outside in meditation. My meditation is essentially prayer:

In breath= opening to God's Grace (which really means

waking up my consciousness to the Presence of God that is already here...), and

Out breath= offering myself to be a conduit for that Higher Intelligence, to use my body, my mind, my words, as an Instrument.

In other words, “Thy will be Done. “

Surrender this illusory sense of separate self into the, seamless, Infinite Whole that is God. Die into Oneness.

Inspiration: Coming into full Aliveness, as I remember the All-That-Is that

is God. Let my consciousness be a container for That.

Expiration: Death/annihilation of ego, as small self surrenders into the Infinite Ocean of God's Love. In that surrender, I make myself available to be used by that Infinite Intelligence, in service to the Whole.

As long as I am in this body, there will be some sense of separate self, because

in order to be used in service to the Totality, there has to be an individual

consciousness /intelligence through which the work is done. Duality is not bad--it simply must be taken lightly, seen as an illusory (or non-absolute) plane of consciousness that allows for God to dance in the world of form.

Inhale: All of the Gurus, and the many forms, shapes and colors of God,

those who have been in human bodies and those that show up as super-

human through mythology/scripture, are all welcomed in through the In Breath.

I don't need to figure it out or differentiate between these entities,

because in Truth they are ALL ONE.

Exhale: On the Out Breath, I offer myself to That Totality (which includes all those myriad

forms), which I will never understand with the rational mind. I surrender into the mystery of That which I can't explain. I live in Trust that It is Real and True and Benevolent, and Its gifts and essence will continue to be revealed to me.

That is faith.

And to that Mystery, I offer myself in gratitude.


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