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Yoga Hiatus!

Namaste Dear Yogis,

As we all ride this wave of response to the Corona Virus, there are new challenges that we are invited to meet moment by moment, one day at a time. 


They have also closed down the saunas and steam room as a precautionary measure. Please visit the Island website to keep abreast of any further updates and changes. For those of you who are in my CHAIR YOGA special program at Community Corners, we will resume classes as soon as Island management, in consultation with the experts, determines that it is safe to do so.  We can extend the series into May to make up for the time we missed. I will keep you posted! Furthermore: ALL CLASSES AND EVENTS AT TEMPLE OF JOY YOGA SANCTUARY ARE ON HIATUS UNTIL THE END OF MARCH. I've made this decision partly because I have not been feeling well. Mostly I have a very bad case of laryngitis, and sinus congestion.  I have had no fever, and have no reason to suspect that this is anything other than a typical upper-respiratory bug, but I think it's best that I not spread it around, and that I give my voice a chance to heal up. It seems like the Universe is telling us all to slow down and take some time to gather inward, so I'm going to listen to that nudge.  I appreciate your understanding. I encourage all of you to practice yoga on your own, and as spring weather graces us with buds and blossoms, use this opportunity to exercise outside!

There is a lot of uncertainty we are dealing with now that can make us feel vulnerable and off-balance. Let's use everything we've got in our yoga toolbox to find stillness and grounding during this tumultuous time.  We are living in an unprecedented, ever-evolving story which, hopefully some day, we will be able to look back upon and tell our children and grandchildren that we got through it together with resilience, grace, faith and love. And a whole lotta hand washing. Keeping Positive, Jyoti

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